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This page is temporary to display the credits & some images from my promo models & some events we've done, with contact info for the models, until the formal galleries are up.  Non-promo model galleries can be found via my main page.
I book models for paid wine & liquor promo events in Florida from State Road 60 north to the Panhandle (I do not go further west than Gainesville) on a regular basis.  You MUST be 21 for these events.  If you're interested, please contact me with your name, links to online portfolio sites, experience/references (no experience needed but it's preferred), area you can cover, contact number, and general times of availability.  Send mail to James (at) SLEPhoto (dot) com.
(models arranged alphabetically by first name)

A'in, Sonnema Vodka, Shamrock Liquors 09-13-06

A'in's pages at One Model Place, ModelPlace, and MySpace

April N., Mako Vodka, Sharp's Liquor (Palm Coast) 11-11-06

April's pages at One Model Place, Model Mayhem. and Model Place

Ashley Spicer, Mako Vodka, Kenny's Liquor 12-22-06

Ashley's modeling homepage

Carrie K., Sonnema Vodka, Liquor 7 08-26-06

Carrie's modeling homepage

Carrie's pages at Model Mayhem and Model Place

Katherine P., Mako Vodka, Sharp's Liquors (Palm Coast), 10-21-06

Katherine's pages at Model Mayhem, Model Place, and MySpace

Lexi, Mako Vodka, Sharp's Liquor (Daytona Beach) 12-01-06

Lexi's page at One Model Place

Lori Yin

Sonnema Vodka, Vintage Liquor 09-08-06

Mako Vodka, Courtland Liquor 09-30-06

Lori's modeling homepage

Lori's pages at One Model Place, Model Mayhem, and Model Place

Miriam, Mako Vodka, Publix Winter Haven 11-03-06

Miriam's page at Model Mayhem

Robbin Cochran, Select Vodka, Island Pasta Company 03-24-06

Robbin's pages at One Model Place, Model Mayhem, and Model Place

Shurya, Mako Vodka, Publix in Clermont 11-04-06

Shurya's modeling homepage

Shurya's pages at One Model Place, Model Mayhem, Model Place, and MySpace

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