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A temporary (until new galleries are ready) page showcasing memorable images from events I have worked for my wine & spirits clients.
High quality prints of most of these images in are available for sale.  Please contact me at for information.  These images are lower resolution and contain a Digimarc ID which lowers print quality, purchased prints are much better quality.
Subjects' permission is always asked in advance at these events for use of their images, if you see yourself here & have an issue with it, please contact me immediately & directly, do not contact the company or venue involved!
If you're interested in Promo Modeling, those photos & contact info are on a separate page HERE.

Lieb Cellars Winery 2006 Autumn Film Festival

    Shot at the 2006 Lieb Cellars Winery Fall Film Festival. It was a beautiful fall night & I knelt down & leaned back on the building where the screen was hung to do a long timed exposure.  Camera: Nikon D70s Exposure: 8 sec (8) Aperture: f/4 Focal Length: 31 mm.
    Prints available, signed & numbered set of ten 11x14's, $75 each. (numbers 3 thru 10 currently available).  Contact me.
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