Silverlight Esoterica Photography

By James Glendinning

is currently down for reconstruction.


Annapolis, Md/Orlando, Fl based photographer.


Sadly, hackers attacked my site and wrecked the code.  I am going to have to start from scratch, and it’s going to take a bit.

In the meantime, you can view my work and find me on social media at the following places:


Large gallery of my work, frequently updated, and organized by category on DeviantArt

(please note some of this is 18+/nsfw and will be behind an age gate)

Jump to: Collaborative digital art, Fashion/Commercial/Beauty, Artistic portraits, Cosplay, Events, Birds/Animals/Bugs, Nature/Landscapes/Cityscapes,

Abandoned/UrbEx/Decay, Art nudes, Bondage/Fetish (warning, some suggestive content), Horror (warning, graphic gore), Collage/Digital Manips,

Erotica (warning, sexually suggestive content), Fantasy/Surreal, Modern glamour/pinup, Classic style cheesecake/pinup, Body paint, Humor (some NSFW)


Social media:
(business page) – Instagram (warning, also has cat photos) – Twitter – Tumblr (note, contains politics, fandom, more cats, etc)